Fresh Homemade Dog Food is Best

The gold standard: feeding ancestral-type diets that also meet American and European nutrient standards.

Upcoming seminar: Fresh Functional Foods for Creating Canine Wellness with Steve Brown and Dr. Karen Becker, May 7 in Minnesota and May 9 in Chicago. Contact Raw for information.

A dog's natural diet consists primarily of fresh, high-protein, balanced-fats, mineral-rich foods. Dry and canned foods don't begin to duplicate this diet, and even fresh meat from the grocer lacks the essential nutrients that are necessary for dogs.

If you prefer to make your own foods from scratch, try the recipes in Steve Brown's “highly recommended” book, Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet.

If you feed dry foods you can make significant nutritional progress if you follow the advice in the book, See Spot Live Longer, or booklet, See Spot Live Longer the ABC Way. All the books are available at

Note: Steve Brown is semi-retired, working diligently on his next book and is no longer able to answer questions.